AMJ fordømmer på det sterkeste brutale terrorangrep i Brussel

23 mars 2016

Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Norge fordømmer på det sterkeste mandagens brutale terrorangrep i Brussel, hvor minst 30 uskyldige mennesker mistet sine liv. Vår dypeste medfølelse går til disse ofrenes etterlatte, familie og venner, som har mistet sine kjære på en slik grusom måte. Våre tanker og bønner går til dem. Måtte Gud gi dem, og den belgiske nasjon styrke i disse tøffe og sorgfulle dager.

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Anti-Ahmadiyya extremist murders Pakistani man

Kot Abdul Malik: An Ahmadi youth, Qamar ul Zia, stabbed to death outside his home in a religiously motivated attack.
An Anti-Ahmadi campaign waged in the area: Spokesperson

Chenab Nagar (PR) Today, 1 March 2016, an Ahmadi man, Qamar ul Zia, was stabbed to death outside his house in Kot Abdul Malik, Sheikhupura, in a religiously motivated attack. He was bringing his kids back home from school when two unknown assailants pounced on him with knives in broad daylight. He received multiple wounds and died on the spot. The deceased is survived by his father, wife and three young children.

Qamar ul Zia ran a mobile phone business from his home and had for quite a while now faced hostility for being an Ahmadi. In 2012 he was harassed by opponents of the community, after which on August 2012, he lodged a complaint in the Factory Area police station and was forced to leave his home for a short while. Instead of protecting his rights, the police under pressure from certain religious groups, removed the inscription ‘Muhammad Ali’ (the name of his father) from the door of his house and other Islamic inscriptions like mash’Allah. He was also beaten for being an Ahmadi in 2014.

Expressing his grief at this tragic murder, the spokesperson of Jama’at Ahmadiyya, Salimuddin Sahib said that anti-Ahmadi hate literature which is freely distributed throughout the country gives rise to incidents like this. He said that according to the National Action Plan those responsible for inciting hatred would be dealt with accordingly, but this does not appear to be the case when it comes to Ahmadis. He added that the murder of Qamar ul Zia was clear evidence of the failure of the authorities in protecting innocent Ahmadis in Pakistan. If those who had been agitating against the deceased had been dealt with before his murder then this situation could have been avoided. He further demanded that the assailants be pursued with the full force of the law and tried for their crimes

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